What is Car Club Marketing?
Car club marketing is unique, it presents one of the world’s largest cross promoting networks of car club websites (over 150) to promote your brand, merchandise, services and offers to car owners an enthusiasts…. your Target Audience!
What Network?
We own and run over 150 car clubs and a further 30+ affiliated directories, we also run over 50 social media accounts. In total we take over 2.25 MILLION website hits per calendar month to our websites and over 35,000 followers on social media per week.
How would I be seen by Marketing with Car club marketing?
On every website we have various cost effective advertising and marketing opportunities to include Club Directories, Banners, Sponsor space, Video and Blogs.
We have new classified sales websites launching soon which will be cross promoted over ALL our car club websites which enables you the assurance that by marketing on One of our classified websites…. means we automatically promote you across ALL others, ALL 150+ websites.
Who is the target audience?
Our audience are typically car owners and enthusiasts, how do we know this? Because of the generic search terms are in our domain names. For example : Porsche Owners Club -  porscheownersclub.org.uk Range Rover Owners Club -  rangeroverownersclub.com Bentley Owners Clubbentleyownersclub.co.uk
All our websites have organic search terms and over 95% of them can be found on page one of major search engines to include Google, Bing and Yahoo which in turn by marketing on the car club websites greatly supports your own company SEO.
In Brief.
We average over 2.25 million website visitors per calendar month, over 25 million website hits per annum, have tens of thousands of weekly social media followers and engagement, offer quite possibly the most effective methods of communication to advertise your brand to relevant automotive audience with unique and highly desirable routes.
*  We can also create tailor made packages to suit your company's marketing campaigns .... Contact us for more details
Please find below our standard template which is the same layout across all our club websites.